February 15, 2015

WC 2076-2080

Size: 774 mb
Duration: 5 clips x 1-4 min

Video: avi 1280x720
Audio: MPEG3 48 Kbps

[Изображение: dw5kxh1uqobl.jpg]

[Изображение: b26a69390441010.jpg]


  1. Hi, I have problems with purchasing DepFile premium. You've already helped me once with this (i've told you my e-mail). Last time - DepFile didn't load the page ("merchant_offline"). But now it rejects my card, BUT I KNOW FOR SURE MY CARD IS FINE! May be you can provide some help again? Thank you

  2. at least tell me whether you do something or not?

  3. Try again
    depfile: In the current environment is better to include additional protection from Fraud than losing all sales and get huge fines.

  4. Did they just call me a Fraud?)))
    My card is accepted by Autodesk, Adobe, Kaspersky, Steam, RAPIDGATOR and others others.... but DepFile says NO. so disturbing
    (I wrote them - silence)

  5. Nobody blames you. There are problems with the purchase of a premium. The Reason: fraud, owners, etc.